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A Sonnet

July 29, 2011


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I doubt many people even READ “Sonnets” any more – much less even TRY to attempt to write one –  I can’t take much credit on this one – but I can say I helped – FINISH IT!  Which is funny – people could be a novelist or published author, etc – but you HAVE TO FINISH!  Which is NOT as easy as it sounds…

Trust me – it’s hard – but “I FINISHED” a 650 some odd page REFERENCE MANUAL – and A LOT of other works – and they are PUBLISHED.

Be that as it may – here’s “A SONNET” – I helped FINISH:


To want to rid the world of all that is unknown

Love, Live with worth and pride and belief of the life

Hold on to knowledge that will always make it right

Faults are present even from this queen on her throne


Consequences of life subside when left alone

Let the heart of the world decide what should be

Thoughts, feelings, intuition make it clear to see

Expectations make a life last, last so long


Just find a way to live a life and never grieve

The thoughts that bleed into the soul of a life in time

Made they were to be the faults to never last or leave

Intention unspoken yet never meant to rhyme


It is when they speak to make all the world listen

Falter, stumble, cry or accept what is given…

(By Stacy and Steve)

Think it’s easy? YOU try it!

Steve Moore

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