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Actually Got some Music In!

June 20, 2011


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Despite the massive move in the studio and all of the other things I had to get done in regards to my Studio and Outer Offices – I actually managed to get some playing in!

It’s always great to pick up a guitar (that’s got NEW STRINGS and is IN TUNE) and just plug-in to Pro Tools and lay down some tracks – not going to say I got much songwriting done – but I did get to the point that I could at least just plug-n-play!

Looking forward just two more solid weekends – of just working on the studio and Pro Tools Templates – especially for my BFD – and I do need to update my FX-Pansion amps – see what they can do – as it’s time to do a FULL on Virtual Drum, with real guitars and bass – and then break out the Sample Tank, Moog(s), and Melotrons and add some keyboard, string parts, etc….wish I had gotten the kit with the Wurlitzer’s and multiple Rhodes, as I really need to get RID of some of these “full on keyboards” that are just taking up SPACE!

OK – I’ll admit that a Virtual Synth or any Virtual instrument will ever touch a REAL ONE – but they surely are convenient!

Steve Moore

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