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June 18, 2011


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I’ve got more and more A/V projects so it’s time to get the studio in shape!

Yep, I’m working on my two offices – as I’ve got to get my studio back in GREAT SHAPE – it doesn’t take long before I get cables just spread out everywhere  – and I’ll add a device to my POWER SUPPLIES or end up doing some video work that has to be exported from my Pro Tools Machine over to my MAIN WORK STATIONS or my OUTER OFFICE.

But I spend MOST of my time in my Studio office – as that’s where I have my three monitor set up – which allows me to be 40% (PROVEN) more productive.



The above photo is of my THREE MONITORS for my Studio – it’s actually two different computers – two monitors on one machine, and the third is in my  network but I can opt in to use the third monitor via Maxi-Vista Networking monitor application.  This gives me a TON of real estate and allows me to test all sites with numerous browsers, etc.

It’s also cool that I’m using TWO computers – (and a 17″ laptop on my right and a 15″ laptop on my left) – so I can TEST, TEST, TEST!   I also have the two main work stations linked with A/V – so I can capture audio for video production, pop that into my MASTERING SOFTWARE and completely remaster all audio for my videos – and also allows me to keep working as Video Rendering can take up to THREE HOURS sometimes!

I can also STREAM MUSIC from Computer 2 into computer 1 – and the audio is GREAT – with total Surround Sound for testing  PRO TOOLS AUDIO from a totally seperate set of speakers –

And then there’ my PRO TOOLS STATION  with a 27″ Monitor and adding a 42″ for just the MIX WINDOW for PRO TOOLS – and I can take the audio out of computer 1 or 2 or any laptop and run that through my main power amp that then allows me to test SOUND with FOUR DIFFERENT sets of speakers – before I take it out to the CAR or a boom box to TEST AGAIN – before releasing the tracks.

It’s a TON of work – but once I get it all set up then I take my 88 weighted Midi keyboard and use it for production direct into pro tools – along with my MIDI converter for my Drum Machine and non-weight 66 keys MIDI CONTROLLER  – I’ve got some many apps and virtual instruments that I haven’t even been able to get around to trying all of them out – must less learn to use them quickly – but I’ll get there – as I’ll be taking SATURDAY Afternoons off – and working on the studio and have finally said – I’m NOT WORKING ON SUNDAY’S  – I need some down time – decompress as it were – but I’m sure if the mood strikes the studio will already be up, working and READY  – just open a template (depending on the type of song) and ARM THE TRACKS and GO!

Once this Studio is done – then I’m taking my OUTER OFFICES and turning them into a day time work place – get some daylight and have MORE room for my LAPTOPS, MACS and extra monitors in various sizes to test with different screen resolutions, screen sizes and anything else I may need – but I must admit after learning PHP I don’t have to sweat a DIV-TABLE any more and my sites all work well – on every monitor – save for the 42″ – but that’s OK – it’s for MIXING up to 42 or more track and still being able to see them to set automation and the like.   Will be glad to get it all set back up and have MORE room in the outer offices for paper work and the like – or my computer work bench for tearing apart machines and adding new peripherals, etc – so it’s all going to be ORGANIZED – CLEAN and EXTREMELY USER FRIENDLY and FUNCTIONAL!

Steve Moore

High Cotton Record Recording artist!

High Cotton Records is a Division of:  Music Square One

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